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down to 145. i'm doing pretty well. i'm glad i've gotten my self control back.

went to the flea market today and walked around for 5 hours. got a new purse that has a pocket inside of a pocket that i can hide my laxatives and razors in. it's super cute, and i actually feel pretty today. it's a rare treat, but i'm glad i got to experience it.

(1) 2"X 0.50"piece of chicken; skinless: approx 150
(2) 8 oz cups black coffee: 0
(6) 8 oz cups of water: 0
TOTAL: 150
BURNED: 1,522 in just walking
^according to http://www.healthstatus.com/cgi-bin/calc/calculator.cgi

so i am -1,382 cals for the day. pretty fucking happy.