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sorry for the lack of posts

but i just got out of the hospital. it really sucked, as usual. so, now i need to get back on track. i hope everyone's doing well =D

cals consumed:300
cals allowed:500
cals burned:400

i have drivers ed for a month, which is fucking fantastic. i go to school at 6:30, don't get home until 2:30. as soon as i get home i go to therapy. after therapy i come home and do homework, then i have to go to drivers ed. i get home from that at 8 upon which i take my meds, get in the shower, and go to bed. I don't eat breakfast, i don't eat lunch, and i'm only forced to eat dinner like twice a week. PLUS last day of school is the 26, so i'll have sooooo much more time to workout and i'll be home alone more while mi madre is at work.

fuck yes.